Visualize Multi-Dimensional Biological Data

This is a Web tool for visualization of multi-dimensional data especially the one encompassing both categorical and continuous data types. The chart is actually a modified parallel coordinates chart with color-coding. Users can simply upload the data in .csv format and can also download the rendered chart as PNG image.

More Information.. Single Chart.. for both categorical and continuous data


Upload data in CSV format and create the chart.

TRY: load example data

IMPORTANT: By default the tool consider columns as categorical, for continuous column specify the column numbers separated by commas like 1,3,5

Continuous Column(s):
Color w.r.t column:


Download your Chart as PNG

The downloaded image does not have a background, use can use image editor like paint to add one.

Drag the axes to re-arrange into different orders.

I used d3 JavaScript library for creating charts. I will add some more features to this tool in future. If you would like to suggest some features you wish the tool had, feel free to contact me.

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